How a bad $9.95 panel switch caused electrical panel to catch fire!
Resulting in 1,000s of dollars in emergency repairs!
Putting family members and their home at risk!

In 2018 There Were Over 25281 Fires Caused by Electrical Malfunctions That Resulted In Over 502 Injuries*
Every Year There Over 30,000 Electrocutions **

Do any of the following apply to your home?

  1. Your Home is More Than 25 Years Old
  2. Electrical Panel is over 10 years old
  3. Electrical Panel has not been inspected in over 5 years
  4. One or More Electrical Panel switches have been replaced
  5. Don't Know If GFCI (ground fault circuit protection) outlet is working?
  6. Lights flicker when appliances are turned on
  7. Scaring or blackening around electrical outlets

SPECIAL CASE SITUATION: Has your home been remodeled, or room addition added where the electrical wiring was modified? If the home insurance carrier can prove any changes to the electrical wiring were not to code, and not by a licensed contractor, they can decline a fire damage claim, costing the homeowner tens for thousands of dollars.